How we can help poor children in education:

How we can help poor children in education:

The poverty rate has been increasing every year, there has been an increase in the poverty rate globally. Currently the poverty rate in the world lies somewhere between 12.5% and 14.5% which is a lot. There are many organizations and NGOs doing some great work for the poor people especially poor children so that they can live a better life and can get what they deserve apartfrom the basic necessities.

Apart from the basics like food, clothes and shelter every child has a right to get the complete education and many organizations are working for this cause but these few organizations cannot help millions or poor children. We will all have to contribute individually in terms of money, time, effort or whatever is possible. In case of monetary donations you can donate as much as you can afford even $1 would make a huge difference.

Whenever it comes to helping poor kids to get their education we always think of donating money which is one fair and authentic way of helping them

  • Sponsora kid: Sponsoring a kid is the best way to help and support a child’s education. This is a great way as you will not have a personal responsibility but just a monthly duty of providing a fixed amount everyone in the name of a particular child’s education. You can sponsor any one, two, three or as many children as possible it’s all the matter of affordability. There are two types of sponsorships; one is only educational and the other one also cover other expenses like, clothing, food, etc. so if you can afford the other one then sponsor a child overall. Your little contribution can change their lives.
  • Give free classes: You can also provide free classes to these unprivileged poor children who do not have a proper schooling or educational system. There are some great people all over the world who have started street school for the street children who cannot afford school fees and other expenses. These schools are not properly constructed but have the basic chairs and tables, books, and other stationary item that is provided to each kid without any cost and quality education is given by the experts where the children can get essay help, assignment help, and all other types of educational helps.

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  • Provide free admissions: If you have a school or any training institution then make sure you provide free admissions to some of the kids so that they can get their basic education which is very important for every kid and its every child’s right to get basic education. This will also be counted as a help for poor children as you will be assigning one seat for free and that too for a good cause. This is one way of helping the poor children in education if you cannot pay big amounts or if you cannot sponsor a kid.Many educational institutes are doing this and they are providing some seat annually to poor children so that they can get quality education free of cost. This is being done not just in few countries of the world but in the whole world.
  • Donate the organization: Monetary donations are also helpful; you can donate an amount of money to any good and reliable organization that will use the money for the right purpose. Make sure you find out about that NGO or organization to which you are donating the amount. Check if they spend the money rightly and they are spending on poor children’s education. Donations can change many lives, so do donate as much as possible even small amount of donations can be a life changer for many poor children, if you cannot afford big donations then it’s not a problem, start with a small amount.
  • Enroll student yourself and take the complete responsibility:if you know any poor child in your area or anywhere who you have been seeing struggling on the streets and you know he/she cannot afford schooling then you can personally help that poor kid by getting that kid enrolled in any of the nearby schools and you then take the responsibility of paying his monthly fees regularly on time. This is a big responsibility so make sure you continue paying for his/her education. If due to any reason you couldn’t pay anymore then find someone who can continue paying for that kid’s education. You can enroll him in any cheap nearby school if you cannot afford expensive schools.

These above mentioned are some of the ways by which we can help poor children in education as education is their right and every child may it be rich or poor has a right to get quality education.