Teachers’ Education and Teacher Quality

There are certain attributes and qualities associated with a good teacher.  Some of the most notable are discussed below.

Broad and specialized mastery of the discipline that teaches

It is related to knowing how to handle the facts, concepts and principles of the same. It also covers the use of the best ways to organize and connect ideas, as well as the way to conceive discipline.  However, it is considered an indispensable condition to be a good teacher, but not sufficient.

General pedagogical mastery

It allows applying the general principles of the education to be able to organize and give good the class; Includes the ability to appropriately use different strategies and didactic tools.   It is a broad domain that transcends the specific to a subject or theme.

Content-specific pedagogical mastery

It allows applying the concrete strategies to teach a specific topic, what is now called “the didactics of the discipline”. It has to do with how to organize, present and manage content, issues and problems of the subject considering the needs and interests of the learner as well as the epistemology of the discipline itself and what is expected to be done by a professional. In doing so, the teacher can adequately present the material following the pedagogical guidelines in order to make it comprehensible to the students. Both pedagogical domains (general and specific) can positively influence a better understanding of disciplinary knowledge. The pedagogical domain, or “to know to teach”, is one of the main deficiencies of the university teachers and the one that receives less attention.

Curriculum mastery

It is the ability to design study programs where explicit the set of actions that will make to adapt their teaching to the characteristics of the students, considering the type of content and the goals of the program. It includes the selection and use of the relevant teaching materials (textbook, videos, use of ICT, etc.).

Clarity about educational purposes

It not only includes the concrete purposes of its subject matter, but also the ultimate aims of the whole educational act. It includes goals, mainly of the attitudinal type and of personal transformations; That is, to ask if what he is teaching will have a positive impact on the students’ lives and on the social utility of what they have learned.

Another key quality that has been identified is the importance of the teacher feeling self- effective, meaning the belief in one’s own abilities to organize and execute a course of action required to achieve a given achievement. This quality has two components: one is “the expectation of obtaining results” or the estimation that makes the person about that certain behavior will obtain the desired effects; the second is “the expectation of effectiveness,” or conviction that it has the ability to perform the conduct required to produce the expected results.