Top Tips To Write A Great Educational Essay

Top Tips to Write a Great Educational Essay

For a lot of students essay writing is one of the most difficult and dreaded task. Whether it is for a contest, an exam or for a class a lot of students find it very time consuming and demanding due to which they find it very frustrating. But by following few basic steps you can write a great essay that too without any tension. Here in this article we shed light on top tips to write a great educational essay without any support. Have a look!

Go Through The Essay Instruction:

Before assigning any topic, your professor gives you an instruction page in which he clearly mentions what points he is looking in your essay topic. It also contains the word count required. Go through this page and clearly understand them before putting your pen onto paper. If you don’t understand something, ask your professor then and there instead of start writing it wrong.


Revise looks like a small word but it contains so much importance in essay writing. You have an essay topic, keep it in front of you and go through your lectures. Make a list of points that you think are important for your essay. Next step is to look over different articles and slides and clear your concepts on the given essay topic.

Understand The Essay Question:

This is another crucial point. You end up writing an outstanding essay, but didn’t get good marks. But why? One possible answer to this question because you didn’t understand the essay question correctly. Therefore, it is always suggested to read and understand your essay question carefully in order to avoid any hurdle at the end of the day.

Plan Your Essay Structure/Outline:

According to some students planning is just a waste of time, but in fact planning save your time. List out the points in which you divide your essay and show it to your professor. They are always there to give you advice on the content. Make sure your outline/structure touches each and every aspect required as per the instructions given by the professor.

Essay Introduction:

The Introduction is the backbone of an essay. It can make or break your essay. After reading an essay introduction reader decides whether to read further or not therefore it must be that powerful that it forces the reader to read the full article. A good essay introduction must not be more than 100 words. It briefly introduces the essay topic in short and concise sentences with an essay question and a thesis statement.

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Main Body:

After the introduction, there comes the main body. The main body of an essay includes a main point, a key idea and central argument. While writing the main body keep an open eye on the thesis statement and continuously ask yourself three questions:

  • Does each paragraph you present here develop your thesis statement?
  • Do I present enough supporting evidence?
  • Doesmy thesis statement need any adjustment based on the evidence I gave?

There is no restriction how short and how long the main body is. Divide the main body in paragraphs so that it is easy to understand. Each paragraph must contain new concept, its explanation and an example.


The Conclusion is as important as that of introduction. A good essay conclusion is one that is no more than 100 words. Never introduce new material in the conclusion also avoid simply re-phrasing the introduction or summarizing the essay body. In conclusion you simply refer back to your essay question and acknowledge the arguments.

Edit And proofread:

Now you are done with your essay the next step here is to edit and proofread it. Some students due to less time skip this most important part. Read each sentence loudly and find out any mistake that you might make while writing. If possible, asksomeone in your family to read your essay for you so that you will be 100% sure that your essay is error free.

Above are the most important tips that help students write a great essay that too without any tension and worries. If you are still feeling any difficulty in writing, then there is always an option to take an expert essay help  from online professional writing services. All you need is to search on the Internet about writing service and pick one that you think provides you best article within the given time frame and at the best possible rate. Before hiring one better talk to the writer in person in order to avoid any hurdle at the end of the day.