A Collection of the Best Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

You might have written numerous argumentative essays in your class with the support of your teacher and mentor but when you have to write it on your own, things become much different. Now you are all alone from first to the last step and every stage must be completed perfectly if you are really looking for flying colors. Most of the students can’t even decide ONE from many argumentative essay topics because they usually get confused. This exclusively written article is going to make things easier by letting you have some of the best argument topics. Additionally, you will also learn some basic tips to craft an amazingly simple yet so engaging essay for your readers.

1: What is an Argumentative Essay?

If you have just been assigned an argumentative essay writing task, I have a very simple advice for you “before you choose argumentative essay topics for college or university projects, it is better to know what it actually is”. Well, this kind of essay usually presents arguments from the writer in favor or against some ideas. The writer tries to influence readers with his own viewpoint about the topic.

2: How to Select Good Argumentative Essay Topics?       

 When it comes to selection, don’t forget to check few of the argumentative essay examples as these will give you a very good idea about the more interesting topics. Here are some selection tips.

  • Specific Topic: Remember that your topic should be specific as keeping it too broad will make it even more complicated for you to include your points with clarity and perfection.
  • More Focus: A specific topic will enable you to pay more focus on major points for making your arguments more powerful.
  • Interesting: Interesting argumentative essay topics are usually considered the ones which talk about latest trends or hot topics among the audience.
  • Availability of Info: Another important point is that the relevant and most importantly authentic information could easily be found.
  • Pros and Cons: Though, all essay topics topic come with some pros and cons, choosing the one with more pros and less cons as per the writing prospective would definitely benefit writer.
  • Not Much Researched: Your topic question should be the one whose answer is still being searched by the people and they want a stronger answer.
  • Availability of Examples: Additionally, it is also important that a topic with lots of opinions from others would enable you to get examples of argumentative essays to support your paper.

3: Why to Choose Controversial Essay Topics?

As the name “Argumentative” itself says that it is all arguing, choosing controversial argumentative essay topics would help you give your best because people usually find it more interesting to get into debatable situation. Some of the best reasons to choose controversial topic are:

  • Engaging: Your arguments would prove to be more engaging for the readers.
  • Both Views: You are able to write about both the sides which will allow you to include more points.
  • Question: In such topics, you can ask people to give their opinions in the response of your argument essay example.
  • Impression: You can leave a good impact over your readers and let them keep thinking about your point of views.

4: Topics to Be Avoided While Writing an Essay

One advice from the experts is that one should avoid overwritten topics such as World War II, Western Culture, Hitler’s Way of War, Americans Vested Interests in Afghanistan and other similar ones. Readers have already read a lot about these things and might not find anything new in your essay. Secondly, if you choose funny persuasive speech topics, these might attract a little readership but most of the serious readers would not prefer to waste their time so it is better to avoid all such topics. However, if you really have great fun skills, you can try your luck here in writing some funny stuff.

5: Categories: Argumentative Research Paper Topics      

Essay topics can be divided into various small to large categories to help students shorten their search results. In this way, they can search for their topic in one of the primitive categories such as:

  • Art and Music
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computers and Internet
  • Education and Career
  • Health, Fitness and Nutrition
  • International Relationships
  • Legal System and Law Enforcement
  • Life after Death
  • Local Media and Social Media
  • Marriage and Free Sex
  • Family Relations: Parenting, Teaching and Training
  • Passion and Profession
  • Politics & governments
  • Wars and Terrorism
  • Responsibilities and Moralities
  • Science and Technology
  • Sex and Dating
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Traditional and Digital Currencies
  • 21st Century’s Generation
  • Mother Nature and Our Polluted Environment
  • Miscellaneous

6: Collection of Argumentative Essays Topics

 As listed above there could be even more categories and subcategories for such topics but we have chosen only some of the most important ones to help our readers find something that can really grab their readers’ attention. You can choose any of the below given topics and use them but make sure to create only original example of argumentative essay:

1: Legal System

These example argumentative essay topics cover legal matters and most writers find it an interesting category to write. Some very interesting topics are as follow:

  1. I have the right to question our federal taxation system – why do I have to pay more when I earn more by working even harder?
  2. Security cameras have become a big threat to the privacy of local residents – There must be an alternative solution to monitor suspicious activities.
  3. Does our legal system have strong rules to protect women against violent men?
  4. Murders deserve death penalty or not? Those who take others lives without even thinking for a second, their lives have to be taken.
  5. If there are more cases in the courts, more judges should be appointed to get final verdict for every pending case.
  6. Why our legal system has failed to protect our common rights?

2: Political Government

The role of a political government has always been questioned by the opposition parties and these are quite popular options to discuss. Topics for argumentative essay in the category of politics are as follow:

  1. Isn’t it the responsibility of a political government to make policy for settlement of immigration from war torn countries?
  2. There must be a policy that binds rich people to pay taxes on account of middle class men
  3. Mass shooting incidents are triggered due to easy available of automatic weapons and these must be banned by the government.
  4. Russia and American on the edge of war! Involvement of US government in Syrian war would break war between two powerful rivals?
  5. Local governments must take responsibly in dealing with terrorist attacks and shooting incidents on their own souls
  6. American should not be part of the united nations because of its failure in bringing peace in war-torn regions

3: Family and Relationship

Family and relationship are the most important part of every individual’s life and thus, argument essay topics covered in this category are usually easier to write and more interesting to read. We have placed it in this article for those who are looking for simple yet so powerful essays. Check these out:

  1. Should parents allow their children to keep guns especially after numerous school shooting incidents have already taken place in 2017 and 2018?
  2. Parents monitor the activities of their children on internet which is absolutely wrong and against social right of children – My point of view
  3. School kids don’t know much about sex? Should they be made aware by their parents or teachers unless they are 18?
  4. Children must be convinced to adopt their career from the very early age so they can do wonder when you grow younger.
  5. Some women don’t mind breastfeeding their kids in public? Should others mind it?
  6. Your old parents are your responsibility and they must not be sent to old age homes

4: Driving, Drinking and Drugs

Such topics are more related to youngsters and the new generation which is more affected by drinking and driving issues. In this category, you will find few hottest things to express your point of view about. Some of the best argumentative essay topics are as follow:

  1. Drink and drive kills! Why teenage drivers don’t understand this harsh reality?
  2. People are getting addicted of sugary drinks? Should our government put a ban on it?
  3. Regular Drug testing must be compulsory for students
  4. Antismoking TV ads are going completely ineffective and in fact majority of the viewers ignore them like these have no message for them.
  5. Why government can’t take action against drug sellers who are destroying the whole youth?
  6. Mexican drug dealers are roaming freely and nobody is there to stop them! Is it true?

5: Mother Nature and Our Polluted Environment

Since we are living on planet earth, it is our responsibility as a part of the community to play our vital role to save Mother Nature and make a population free environment. Some of the argumentative essay example topics for you:

  1. Killing animals and birds to get fur and skin for making of shoes, coats, bags must be banned. Animals and birds have the equal right to live like you do.
  2. Global warming has reached to redline and it must be taken seriously by every small to big country of the world.
  3. To protect nature, we must use green energy
  4. Forests grow fast enough to fulfill fueling needs of humans- is it unjust to cut and burn trees for fuel?
  5. Third-World Countries now must think of recycling process seriously as their negligence is affecting the entire world.
  6. Leonardo Dicaprio has set an example by becoming environmental activist – His fellow actors and actresses should also come forward to save the world environment.

6: Responsibilities and Moralities

As an individual what your responsibilities and moralities are and how effectively you are fulfilling them. Below given topics for an argumentative essay will cover the same:

  1. We can buy love of the people by spending our money like Bill Gates Did
  2. 21st century generation needs gadgets more than their siblings and parents
  3. Why some people are so much complaining when they already have basic needs of life i.e. food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to live
  4. Your messy table with books, CDs and stationary shows you are too busy – is that right?
  5. Marriage is a beautiful relations and it must never be replaced with one night stand especially when you know you need a partner more than anything else in your old age
  6. Why our society is giving less importance to reading and more importance to watching YouTube videos?

7: Health, Fitness and Nutrition

If you are looking for easy argumentative essay topics, this is the category for you and if you are facing some kind of weight gain issues, you would find it own more interesting to write about any of these topics:

  1. How morbid obesity is greatly affecting the health of an individual?
  2. Why Europeans are so conscious about their weight when they can’t control their diet?
  3. Is gaining more weight is all due to uncountable intake of calories?
  4. Gluten free diets are getting more popularity among diet conscious
  5. What are the actual causes of anorexia and how it can be prevented timely if treated timely?
  6. Being pure vegetarian means you are missing a lot of nutrition like sodium, potassium, carbohydrates and proteins



If you have chosen one of your favorite argumentative topics, it is time to move ahead and write an impressive essay to grab all your readers; however, you must know how you are going to structure it. Here are some useful tips for you:

  • First Part: The first section of your essay would give an overview of your topic but it should be kept as brief as possible. Make sure to highlight the importance of the topic. Also check some already published argumentative essay sample to create better overview.
  • Second Part: The second section is usually called body of the easy which should be developed to present arguments and these must be supported by some strong and reliable evidences. Remember that the evidences you are going to present must be factual and logical.
  • Third Part: The arguing paragraph is followed by opposite views from the writers and others sources and these should be given enough time for a perfect analysis and comparison. Going through a sample argumentative essay would enable you to understand this section in a much better way.
  • Fourth Part: The forth section is called concluding part of the essay and here you need to use your best writing skills to create an everlasting impression over readers. The writer is supposed to emphasize the strongest points in this section and inclusion of new information must be avoided.